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Modern Times Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Lighting - 7 November 2018, By Nur

Contemporary outdoor lighting takes a bold step in design. New materials are cropping up everyday with the new technology. Artistic license is pushing…

Go Eco with Solar Powered Outdoor Lights

Lighting - 6 November 2018, By Nur

Energy from the sun is harnessed in solar powered outdoor lights. Solar energy is a very practical source for our lighting needs. It…

Outdoor Recessed Lighting, Is it for You?

Lighting - 5 November 2018, By Nur

Outdoor recessed lighting is different from ordinary lighting. The fact that it is for outdoor use makes it a special kind of lighting….

Light It Up With Sconce Outdoor Lights

Lighting - 4 November 2018, By Nur

A sconce is a kind of lamp that is fixed to a flat surface such as a wall. In outdoor spaces, it is…

Idiot’s Guide to Shopping for Exterior Wall Lighting

Lighting - 3 November 2018, By Nur

Putting up exterior wall lighting in your home is a great way to illuminate outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, balconies, and porches….

Form and Function in Outdoor Antique Lighting

Lighting - 2 November 2018, By Nur

Outdoor antique lighting is a way to meet lighting needs with style. Aside from the grand chandeliers of old used for indoor lighting,…

Outdoor House Lighting For Home and Garden

Lighting - 1 November 2018, By Nur

Electric lights in residences are one of the basic needs in modern times. It is what comes next after the timeless necessities of…

The Importance of Immediate Leaking Roof Repair

Top and Tips - 31 October 2018, By Nur

Leaking Roof Repair – From a homeowner’s perspective, any time a roof is leaking it is a problem that needs to be dealt…

Kitchen with Blue Accents

Kitchen - 31 October 2018, By Nur

Blue is not the tradition color for the kitchen, but if you like the fresh color scheme, like the sea and the summer,…

Interior Against Allergy

Top and Tips - 30 October 2018, By Nur

Allergy is a disease of the twenty-first century. May be different irritants – dust, cats, light, cold, magnetic fields, and even certain people….